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FAQ about use of Driver Magician

1. What's the difference between the "Search All Drivers" and the "Search Non-Microsoft drivers" submenus of  the Backup button in the toolbar?
We all know that every Windows operating system distribution incorporates many device drivers. So the difference between "Search All Drivers" and "Search Non-Microsoft drivers" is that the former searches all device drivers, including those packaged within Windows, while the latter only searches drivers not contained in Windows. Because device drivers which are contained in Windows operating system are automatically installed when detected, it is NOT necessary to back them up. Microsoft provided drivers are shown in black, whilst Non-Microsoft provided drivers are shown in red. 

2. What happens when I choose 'Restore'? Does it know where to place the files, or does it run any 'Setup.exe' program it may find?
Driver Magician can restore a driver from driver backup without any 'setup.exe' program. Each device driver has an installation file (you can find it in each folder as a file named *.inf); it tells the driver setup program where to place each driver file. Driver Magician simulates the driver setup program and extracts information from the installation files to restore drivers to your machine. 

3. The driver version of some device drivers is null, why?
The installation files of these drivers don't include the driver version, so Driver Magician can't extract it. This often happens in Windows 98 and Windows Me. 

4. Why does my computer seem to be unresponsive during the driver restoration process?
Device drivers are in the lower layer of operating system, so during driver installation, settings of Windows operating system  change according to the drivers being installed, and this may make the PC unresponsive. 

5. After Driver Magician runs, I find there is no driver listed. What's happened?
Driver Magician opens the driver backup function window after it runs and all Non-Microsoft drivers will be listed. If all the device drivers of your computer are provided by Microsoft, the list will be blank. This usually happens after you format the disk and reinstall the operating system. To show all the device drivers in your computer, please click "Driver Backup/Search All Drivers" in the menu bar. 

6. I have backed up drivers of my Windows XP operating system, can I use them in Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Some device drivers can be used in all Windows operating systems, but there are lots of device drivers which can only be used in certain operating systems, so if you are not sure please don't try to use drivers of one operating system in another. 

7. When I restore device drivers of my computer using Driver Magician in Windows 98/Me, Windows prompts me to insert a driver disk. What's happened?
 You don't need to insert a driver disk, please just click the OK button in the prompt dialog. If the same dialog appears again, just click the Ignore button. But when it prompts you to insert Windows CD-ROM, you should do so. If you find your audio card is mute after driver restoration, please reboot your machine again and it will be OK. This happens only in Windows 98/Me operating systems. 

8. When I restore device drivers in Windows XP, a "Find new hardware wizard" window appears. What should I do?
You don't need to do anything, just let it be. After the drivers for the hardware found have been restored, the "Find new hardware wizard" window will automatically disappear.

9. After I have downloaded and installed the drivers for which Driver Magician offered updates, it still offered the same driver update. Is this a Driver Magician bug? 
Please click Hide button to hide certain driver update if you don't want it to show again. After that, you will not be notified to update this driver until a new version is released. Driver Magician determines driver updates by checking the driver release date of the same devices in your PC and against those in its driver update database.  If it finds the driver release date of certain devices in the driver update database is later than the one in your PC, it will inform you of the new driver. But some driver packages contain drivers for several devices and the release date of these devices driver are not the same, such as VIA Hyperion 4-IN-1 driver and Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility, it is impossible to give the release date of each device in such driver package. So Driver Magician will sometimes offer you the driver you have just installed again. 

10. Why is the driver file number Driver Magician backs up different from the number it notifies me? 
Some driver files can't be found in your hard disk, therefore Driver Magician can't back them up. The most frequently lost file is the digital signature file, which is named "*.cat", and this file is not necessary for the device driver to function. When you restore drivers without a digital signature file in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, the operating system will warn you. You can just ignore the warning message and continue to install them. What's more, Driver Magician will create a file named as "drvbck.pdb" in each driver backup folder, which contains driver restoration information. 

11. Can I uninstall any device drivers with Driver Magician? 
Please be cautious about uninstalling drivers. If you uninstall some system device drivers, your computer may crash. Only advanced users who know what they are doing should use this function.

12. How to restore drivers silently?
Please see here.




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