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You can restore drivers silently with Driver Magician.

To use main program of Driver Magician to restore drivers silently:

  • Click Tools/Options in the menu bar, 'Options' window appears.

  • Click 'Driver Restoration Options' tab, and uncheck 'Show alert message when restoring drivers' option.

To use drivers auto-setup package to restore drivers silently:

There are three parameters for driver auto-setup package created by Driver Magician.

/s: install drivers silently without any alert message

/r: reboot PC automatically after drivers restoration completes

/i: enter your registration information with this parameter, so all drivers can be restored. The format is' /i name code'. The name and code must be marked with double quotation marks.

Here is an example.

C:\DriverAutoSetup.exe /s /r /i "my reg name" "my reg code"

Run this example, drivers restoration will be restored silently and the computer will reboot automatically after all drivers are restored.



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