Device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal tool for Windows 

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We are very glad and encouraged that our product benefits so many users, and some happy customers send their comments to us.

Excellent program ! Easy to use and good for nervous system ! : = ) (John R Ball)

A very nice little programme. In a matter of minutes, I backed up all third party drivers . A must for those who go on adding cards. (jandhyala sitaram)

I really like this simple but functional app, I do! (Keith Breen)

Superb - both in operation/design and conception. Wondered however with it's compact footprint whether it is possible to run the app from a floppy for added convenience, but not sure whether this would affect current versions (or future) ability to perform at low levels. Also, would ideally prefer to have backed up drivers saved into one file which the app recognizes, although all backups can be stored in a folder so no big problem. (Joan Wooding)
( Driver Magician 1.6 can back up drivers in in a compressed file, in a self-extractor and even in an auto-setup package.)

Great Utility - Highly Recommended 

Installed quickly and easily on XP SP2 - no problems. Great little utility, did exactly what I wanted which was to backup all my drivers before a format/reinstall of windows. Organizes all your drivers into separate folders. Free version gives you basics which was all I needed. Pay and you can get auto update of drivers. Free version gives ability for full driver backup/restore. Even tells you which drivers are packed with windows install and which ones aren't. If your searching for a utility like this one, look no further. (From user review of

So far, so good. I can back up my drivers and also can customize to backup other files as well. (Michael Gemignani)

Although I can't remember still where I got the program from, I can remember that the first (and only ) time I operated it, it struck me as being a very straight forward and presumably reliable program. It didn't need more than a cursory glance to see how to work it. I only wish more programmes were like this. (MR JOHN HARDY)

A crash of a computer where finding the correct drivers to do the reinstall took days ! It simplified so many things! (Richard L. Bowersox)

Easy to use and an excellent program. With your demo version alone, I found drivers and just tried to reinstall since doing so my computer is back to normal. With everything now working OK, I will now set up the auto install. Thank you for an excellent program and good luck with sales. (George C Taylor)

Thanks for a prompt response on the NT subject. have used it on XP and 98, fantastic product saved me hours of shoving cds in drivers, thanks again. (Christopher Purvis)

As a test I tried backing up and restoring the driver for LEXMARK 7000 PRINTER for WIN XP.. When I used Windriver Ghost or Huntersoft My Drivers, 2 of the 16 files would not be saved or restored. Driver Magician ran this test perfectly. Some other companies say that they provide Hardware Identification but they just show the screen from Windows and which is already available. (Duane Bovee)

I would just like to say thanks for producing such a nifty little program.  I have tried a bunch of others, and never found one that makes the task as easy as yours does.  No problems, no manual (attempts) installations. Just point and click, and the new drivers are installed (correctly, I might add) just that easy.  Thanks again for such a good product! (Larry Silverwood)

HI .. YOUR PROGRAM .. what a godsend, this has to be the most needed program ever,and with the upcoming win 7 with their driver problems your driver magican is on top of the lot .. (John Thomas)



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