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SWF/EXE format conversion tool

There are two ways to start the SWF/EXE format conversion operation:

  1. Click SWF/EXE converting tool in the Tools menu.
  2. Select the flash movies you want to convert in the file list.

    You can select multiple items. To select all of the files in the file list, click Edit/ Select All. To select nonadjacent files, hold down CTRL and click the items you want to select. To select adjacent file, hold down SHIFT while you select files.

    Then right-click the background of the File list, and in the shortcut menu, click SWF/EXE format Conversion.

Choose converting files

Click the 'Add files' button and  choose the file to be converted in the popped up  'Choose flash files to converted' dialog. You can select multiple items. The files will be added to the File List after your confirmation.

Click the 'Delete files' button to delete flash movies you don't want to convert them.

Conversion options

If you choose the 'Remove original files' option, the original files will be deleted after the conversion operation.

The converted output files will be saved in the same folder of the original files in default. You can choose the 'Place the converted files in the following folder' option to change the destination folder. 

click 'Browse...' button and the "Browse Folder" dialog will pop up for you to specify the output folder. 

What is more, you can choose the overwriting method if the output file exists. There are four overwriting methods, and their respective meanings are below:

  • Ask: if the output file exists, a message box will appear and ask you whether to overwrite it or not. 
  • Replace: if the output file exists, it will be overwritten without any prompt. 
  • Skip: this option cancels the operation if there is a file with the same file name and extension.
  • Rename: this option renames the new files, adding a suffix of "$"to original file name, where "$" is a one-digital counter beginning from "1".

 Start conversion

After choosing flash movies to convert and set the conversion options, Click the 'Convert' button, and the conversion process begins. The result of each file conversion will show in the 'Result' column of the file list.

The possible result of format conversion is below:

  • Done: the conversion operation is finished successfully. 
  • Skipped by the user: the overwriting method is 'Ask' and the output file exists, a dialog box will appear and ask the user whether to overwrite it or not. If the user choose the Skip option in the dialog box, this result will show.
  • Skipped: if the overwriting method is 'Ask' and the output file exists, this result will show.
  • Failed: the conversion operation fails
  • Invalid flash file: the converted file is not a valid flash movie.

When all file conversions finish, a message box will pop up to prompt you.



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