Flash Media Player

Screensaver maker

With Flash Media Player, make screensaver from flash movie is really easy, and within a few mouse click, a professional screensaver is finished.

To begin to make flash screensaver:

  • Click Tools/Screensaver maker in the menu bar, or click the 'Screensaver maker' button in the toolbar, the 'Screensaver maker' window appears.

  • Click the 'Browse...' button to select the flash movie you want to make as screensaver

  • Set 'Exit on events' options.
    In the 'Exit on events' group, you can specify the exiting events of the screensaver. The events could be:

       On Press Any Key
      On Press ESC
      On Mouse Move
      On Mouse Left-click
      On Mouse Right-click

  • Set more options

    • Select the 'Hide Mouse Cursor' option to hide the cursor when the screensaver plays.

    • Select the 'Mute Sound' option to play the screensaver without any voice

  • Set output options

    • Select the 'Make screensaver file (.scr)' option to generate the Windows standard SCR screensaver file.

    • select the 'Make screensaver installer (.exe)' option to generate the screensaver installer, by which the user can distribute the screensaver without invading the author's copyright. The screensaver can be installed easily by click the 'Install' button.

  • Click the 'OK' button,  the 'save file' dialog box appears and the flash screensaver will be saved to the location of your choice..




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