Flash Media Player

Browsing flash movies

Browse single file

1. Click File/Open in the menu, open dialog box appears.

2. Select the flash movie you want to open.

3. Click Open button.

You can also click the 'Open' button in the toolbar to reach the open dialog box.

Browse folder/multi files

You can browse flash movies easily with built-in Explorer. It shows like a folder tree.

Whenever you select a file system folder in the folder tree, it is designated as the current folder and if the folder contains flash movies,  they will appear in the file list at the bottom of it.

If a folder contains subfolders, a [+] appears next to the folder icon. You can expand the folder to show the subfolders by clicking on the [+], or by selecting the folder and pressing <Cursor Right> or <Numpad +>. A [-] will appear to an expanded folder.

To completely expand a folder and all of its subfolders, select the folder and press <Numpad *>

Browse favorites folder

Favorites folder contains your favorite flash movies. You can move flash movies you like to it and  organize them according to class or category.

To browse favorites folder, please click the 'Favorites' button in the toolbar or click the File/ Favorites in the menu.





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