Photoshop 5 for Windows for Dummies
This Dummies guide is designed for beginners who want to learn the core features in Photoshop 5 for Windows in a short amount of time. You start off with an overview of the two aspects of the package--painting images and editing images--and learn what's new in this version. The author explains how to navigate the interface using zooming, guides, and grids. In the second part of the book, he discusses image size, resolution, pixels, color, file formats, and file-saving and -printing issues. The third part of the book focuses on painting, photo retouching, and undoing your work--using the eraser and History palette, for example. In the fourth part, you really start messing with pixels by learning the basic selection tools, such as lasso and rectangle selections, and the more advanced ones, such as adding to and subtracting from a selection, extending a magic wand selection, and transforming selections and paths. You also apply color and gradients to selections. Finally, in the fifth part, you work with layers, type, filters, and advanced color-correction tools, such as contrast and brightness.
You can follow along with the projects as closely as you like, or just get general how-to tips for your own work. The book offers simple, clear discussion and quick technical tips, shortcuts, and warnings of common pitfalls, all denoted by easy-to-spot icons. Icons also note a feature that's new to this version. (The book assumes that you don't necessarily know any version of the package but alerts you to any changes in case you do.) Two full-color sections show examples of the project files, some in various stages of editing. The book has the same humorous, light approach to learning that other Dummies books have, and this makes it all the more accessible, especially if you're intimidated by what you've got to learn. The last section of the book, "The Part of Tens," features 10 techniques to memorize, 10 funny ways to distort faces, and 10 ways to output your work. These tidbits provide a good basis for becoming comfortable with the essential Photoshop tasks. A Macintosh version of the book is also available. --Kathleen Caster 

This book helps the novice and intermediate user conquer the fastest-growing imaging software for the Windows platform. The author explains Photoshop fundamentals, including imaging, defining colors, navigating channels, and printing. Includes a special four-color insert that highlights the way Photoshop can impact an image through the manipulation of color. 

Book Description
Transform ordinary images into breathtaking works of digital art with the advanced power and endless possibilities of Photoshop 5, Adobe's state-of-the-art digital imaging software. Take the grand tour of Version 5 with veteran tour guide Deke McClelland, and then move into new and exciting realms of digital wizardry as you master an array of text effects, image enhancements, and other wondrous things that make Photoshop 5 so hugely popular among the digiterati. 

Photoshop guru McClelland takes you gently -- and intelligently -- through the world of pixels, paintbrushes, and special effects with friendly, easygoing, down-to-earth tips and tricks to help you master the fine art of digital imagery. Clean up bad scans and poor-quality pictures, learn special painting tricks, create collages, add gradient fills and strange warps, explore new filters, and make your artistic masterpieces publishing-perfect or Web-ready with Photoshop 5. Plus, 16 pages of full-color examples -- and dozens of black-and-white images -- add to the visual content of this great guide for professional image-makers and amateur artists alike. 

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