Real World Adobe Photoshop 7

Rather than offering a re-worked Photoshop manual or guide to producing avant garde special effects with this industry standard, a Seattle-based graphic arts consultant and a Macworld editor address "the many questions that people in production environments ask every single day...." Such practical areas include choosing hardware, basic image techniques, color management, preparing images for the Web, and troubleshooting.

This guide to industrial-strength Photoshop production techniques is fully revised for version 7 in this edition. 

Book Description
Master the essential day-in and day-out Photoshop production techniques with this definitive resource from best-selling authors David Blatner and Bruce Fraser. The authors place a dual emphasis on efficiency and getting the best quality possible out of Photoshop. You'll learn everything you need to know about color management, getting great scans, tonal and color correction, prepress and the Web, and working with Photoshop selections and silhouettes. Real World Adobe Photoshop 7 is copiously illustrated with completely revised screenshots and loaded with time-saving tips and shortcuts that will not only allow you to produce better results, but to do so faster than you ever thought possible.

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