Photoshop 7 Magic (with CD-ROM)

From Library Journal
It seems to be the year for launching new versions of old standards. Photoshop 7 introduces a number of new features that should drive demand for manuals. Everything addresses Photoshop beginners, with two chapters on resources and solving common problems that should be especially helpful; appropriate for public libraries. Teach Yourself, for beginning to intermediate users, is more thorough, covering the channels, masks, and other techniques that Everything omits, in addition to the basics. Chapter Q&As, quizzes, and exercises help users learn on their own; a valuable purchase for all public libraries. A full-color guide for intermediate users, Down & Dirty explains step by step "cool tricks," showing how to achieve easily impressive special effects, from wrapping type around a circle to creating backlit photo backgrounds. Sidebar tips offer additional information, and images in the book are available for free online. Magic also instructs intermediate to advanced users on creating cool, full-color effects but contains longer projects that each combine several techniques. The CD includes project files and demonstration software. Larger public libraries should consider either title. 
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From Book News, Inc.
Sixteen projects list step-by-step instructions for applying artistic, web, and image manipulation techniques in Photoshop 7. Written for experienced Photoshop users, the book illustrates brush techniques, still-life painting from photos, liquid painting, compositing seamless patterns, stain beveled type, and distorting with displacement maps. Color graphics are provided. The CD-ROM contains project files.Copyright ? 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR 

Book Description
Upgrade your Photoshop skills through projects designed to stretch your imagination and your abilities! Photoshop Magic has new projects focusing on key Photoshop functionalities and changes in Photoshop.A variety of well-respected contributors provide instruction on how to create a variety of exciting new effects using the techniques available on Photoshop. Each exemplar project is from 3 to 15 pages in length and is designed in a 2-column format with step-by-step instructions on the left and corresponding graphics on the right. In addition, sidebars are used to provide explanations and further discussion. Techniques, tips, and tricks presented are fully customizable by readers to fit your needs. 

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