Photoshop Cs Artistry: Mastering the Digital Image

Book Description

Artistry is the key word here: When competent doesn't cut it. When what you're going for is museum-quality art prints, high-end advertising effects, and dizzyingly beautiful digitally manipulated images, this is the place to start. Providing a focused approach to the advanced features of Photoshop CS, this beautiful full-color guide tackles complex yet essential topics like color calibration and correction. Along the way, you'll learn how Photoshop's newest features-Photomerge technology (which allows you to create seamless panoramas from multiple images), enhanced Camera Raw support, an improved File Browser, nonsquare pixel support, and more-can aid in your quest for the perfect image. Throughout, the authors emphasize the relationship between Photoshop CS tools and traditional photography to provide essential context for complex tasks. The knowledge is sure to stick as you work your way through the detailed, step-by-step exercises and use the companion CD to view before-and-after images and access masks and tool settings for the book's tutorials.

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