Photoshop Cs for Nonlinear Editors (DV Expert Series)

Book Description
? Moving image fundamentals
? Character generation, animation, and color correction
? DVD menus and slideshows
? Transparency and alpha channels
? Shortcuts & automation techniques 
Master the graphic design and production skills required of today’s digital video professional with this comprehensive guide to the video tools in Adobe Photoshop CS. Every page is filled with techniques to help the video professional make graphics for use in television, video, the Internet, and DVD. Lively discourse, full-color presentations, and hands-on tutorials demonstrate everything you need to know about how to combine still and moving images. Fundamental concepts such as transparency, pixel aspect ratio, and alpha channels are made precisely clear and advanced techniques show how to use Photoshop as a character generator, color corrector, and animation tool. 

Sophisticated examples and tutorial projects illustrate practices that can be readily adapted to your projects. The DVD-ROM contains source material and multimedia content for the tutorials, foundation lessons for less-experienced readers, hundreds of useful resources, and more than two hours of video lessons demonstrating some of the most important techniques.  

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