Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0

From the Manufacturer
Adobe Photoshop Album software has everything you need to find, fix, share, and preserve your memories. Instead of searching through endless folders, you can use a convenient calendar to find photos by date, or revolutionary keyword tags to pinpoint the exact group of photos you want. Quickly fix red eye, lighting, and other basic flaws. Have fun creating custom slide shows, cards, hard-bound photo books, and more. Then share your creations with anyone, anywhere--even on mobile phones and handhelds--in just a few clicks. 

See your whole collection of photos: view all of your photos, videos, and audio clips in one place, no matter how many you have or whether they're stored on your computer or on CDs. 
Automatically organize by date: Work in the Calendar View to instantly see photos by day, week, month, or year. Add daily notes and captions and highlight special days. 
Find photos by subject: create an unlimited number of visual keyword tags to organize and search your collection based on the people, places, and events in your photos. 
Share with family and friends: Send optimized photos via e-mail and mobile phones, or upload them to a Palm OS handheld. With Photoshop Album, your photos go anywhere in just a few clicks! 
Quickly make corrections: instantly improve your photos with easy-to-use tools for removing red eye, rotating, cropping, and more. 
Easily create slide shows: quickly create slide shows with captions, video clips, and background music that can be viewed on a computer or TV. 
Keep your memories safe: easily secure all of your photos, keyword tags, and creations by backing up everything onto CD with a few simple clicks. 
Design personalized keepsakes: follow a few easy steps to make fully customized photo albums, cards, calendars, and much more. 
Hang photos in a virtual gallery: Show off your favorite photos in your own online 3D gallery. Easy-to-use templates will have your pictures ready for viewing in minutes. 
Make your own prints: print individual photos, contact sheets, or picture packages of the photos you want at the sizes you need. 

Product Description
The fast and easy way to organize and share your lifetime of photos

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