Photoshop 7 for Dummies

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Loaded with tips on fixing flaws and creating extraordinary effects. The secrets of Photoshop image-editing are explained in English. Covers Version 7. Softcover. 

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Edit and retouch images like a pro – no experience required! 
Loaded with tips on fixing flaws and creating extraordinary effects 

The secrets of Photoshop image-editing – explained in plain English! 

Photoshop gives you total control over digital images, whether you want to correct a minor flaw or liven things up with a spectacular special effect. But how do you get the hang of all those tools, palettes, and settings? Relax! With this fun and easy reference, you’ll be... read more 

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Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most comprehensive and popular photo editor around. Here are a couple of reasons why: When you work in Photoshop, you're not drawing from scratch; you're editing photos. Secondly, the program keeps you interested with a depth of capabilities that few pieces of software can match. Unlike other computer programs that have caught on like wildfire over the years, Photoshop is both powerful and absorbing. 

Just because Photoshop is a pleasure to use doesn't mean that it's easy to master. Directed toward making you comfortable and productive with the program, Photoshop 7 For Dummies points out the features you need to know and shows you exactly how to use them -– no pain; all gain. You'll discover ways to 

Work with the program window 
Switch between Photoshop and other programs 
Change the number of pixels in an image 
Define colors using the Color Palette 
Get ride of red eye 
Blur the edges of a selected area 
Apply filter effects 
Photoshop guru and author Deke McClelland reveals his own techniques for quick and creative image editing, along with specific tips that Photoshop veterans can use to take advantage of the software's new features. Plan to get the hang of 

Producing high quality scans 
Adding background textures, bevels, and text effects 
Harnessing Photoshop's layering features and professional pre-press capabilities 
Applying different types of gradients 
Making a Web Photo Gallery 
Placing your image into PageMaker of InDesign 
Creating your own custom brush 
Graphics abound in Photoshop 7 For Dummies, with 16 pages of glossy pictures to show off special issues related to color. You'll find commands for both PCs and Macs and lots of step-by-step instructions to guide your image-editing efforts for print or the Web – in no time! 

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