PC Auto Shutdown

In general tab page of PC Auto Shutdown, you can configure the countdown duration time before a shutdown event is activated and other settings.

Enter the number of seconds in the countdown duration text box. PC Auto Shutdown will give a shutdown notification during the countdown duration, then it executes the shutdown event.

PC Auto Shutdown shows an icon in the system tray in default, you can uncheck the 'Show system tray icon for easy access' option to hide it after you have configure the timer.  To restore the main window when it is hidden, you can set up a hotkey to show it. If you change the hotkeys, the change will be effective only after system reboot.

Shutdown event is based on the system time of your PC. If someone changes your system time, the timers you have configured will be futile. You can check 'Prevent users from changing the system time' to protect your settings.

'Start with Windows' option will let PC Auto Shutdown start with system boot.

'Enable "Abort" button in countdown window' option will give you a chance to abort shutdown events by clicking 'Abort' button in countdown window.

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